Twitter heat map of USA-Germany shows the world's divided loyalties

It's as much a tradition for sports fans as beers, wings, and ill-advised face painting: when the game's on, fire up Twitter and join the global conversation.

CartoDB and Twitter are providing "heat maps" tracking tweets aligned to individial sides during every World Cup match, and the USA-Germany one above demonstrates the world's behavior throughout the match. As you can see the match progress minute by minute, you can watch both American and German tweets all over the planet

The U.S. support is heavy in North America, while the Germans hold sway in Europe and, strangely, Southeast Asia. The world lights up red when Germany scores, and then white regains strength as it becomes clear the U.S. will escape group play and move on to the round of 16.

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Twitter recorded approximately three million soccer-related tweets during the match, a significant number but well down from the eight million during USA-Portugal. Guess some people couldn't watch AND tweet after all.

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