Turkish referee turned pundit demonstrates how UEFA could’ve fixed Champions League draw

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Claims of UEFA fixing the Champions League draw have been around for years, but the low-tech manner in which they are conducted (picking balls out of a pot) has made those claims easier to dismiss. After all, it isn't a secret computer spitting out the match-ups, it's just an above average former player awkwardly picking balls and taking far too long to fumble them open. But as Ahmet Cakar, Champions League referee turned "Turkey's most controversial football pundit," demonstrates, there might be a way to still fix this style of draw.

First, the reason for this demonstration: Since the Champions League quarterfinal draw, there has been outrage in Turkey that Galatasaray were drawn against Real Madrid. Many Galatasaray supporters felt UEFA was using their club as a sacrifice to ensure that one of the world's most popular clubs would reach the final rounds of the tournament. But how could they get Steve McManaman to pick such a match-up out of the bowl on purpose? The Amazing Cakar shows us how it might've been achieved.

Using the same system as UEFA, Cakar picks clubs out of a bowl on live TV with the aim of recreating the exact order of the Europa League quarterfinal draw. The balls are checked for any identifying marks or weighting and for a portion of it, Cakar has his eyes closed. But, he still manages to recreate each pairing exactly as UEFA did it. Cakar refuses to explain how he did it, but he succeeds in adding fuel to the conspiracies. Jose Mourinho take note.

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