Triumph The Insult Comic Dog carves up World Cup fans

Dirty Tackle

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We're all on the World Cup bandwagon, even if some of us are a little later to arrive than others. As sports fans, we all share in the joys of our team, and we're all vulnerable to the same thing: a rubber hand puppet of a dog mercilessly mocking all we hold dear.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, a staple of Conan O'Brien's show for decades, traveled to Queens, New York to learn a little more about soccer ... and relentlessly ridicule fans of every side with any possible stereotype you could imagine. Colombians got doused with white powder, Greeks got asked which diner they worked at, and two hapless soccer fans were asked why they don't have any life GOOOOOAAALLLS.

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This one ranks right up there with Triumph's demolition of Star Wars fans and fight with Eminem. Be forewarned, though, if you're a hardcore futbol fan, you're going to want to punch this dog when it's all done. But you'll be laughing while you do it.

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