A tour of the massive hotel suite that is reportedly David Beckham’s new home in Paris

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Since David Beckham only signed a five-month contract with PSG and agreed to donate his salary to a local children's charity, the club apparently figured that the least they could do was put him up in a €17,000 a night suite for the duration of his stay in Paris. So, like new teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he first arrive in Paris, Beckham will be staying at the Hotel Le Bristol (rated Europe's leading hotel in 2007), a short distance from the Champs-Élysées. Except Beckham will be staying in the hotel's largest accommodations -- the 3,475 sq.ft. Imperial Suite.

The suite features two bedrooms, two bathrooms -- one of which is made of pink Aurora marble (though both look white in the pictures) and has a steam shower and a bath for "total indulgence" -- a dining area that can accomodate up to 12 guests, a sitting room, a large dressing room and probably a private entrance to Narnia too. The occupancy for it is only listed as three people, which could be a problem when Beckham's wife and four kids are with him. But cots are available upon request.

Now let's go for a wander around this place...

The living room -- where David will sit, unblinking and with his head titled slightly to the left, for hours each night.

The dining room -- where David will sit and hold the morning paper.

The sitting room -- where David will see the ghostly apparition of Louis XV, who will him where his secret jewels are hidden before asking for an autograph.

The dressing area -- where David will hang his lavish collection of underpants for every occasion.

The second bedroom -- where David will sometimes get confused and think he's stumbled into someone else's suite.

The master bathroom -- where David will often sit on that little footstool thing in the middle and pretend he's a giant.

Here's a video tour of the joint set to unsettling music...

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