A Toronto fan threw a beer can at David Beckham, who still got the last laugh

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Up 2-1 late in the first leg of Toronto FC's CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal against the LA Galaxy, you wouldn't think Toronto fans had any reason to throw things at David Beckham as he prepared to take a corner kick, but they did anyway. Showering him in streamers, it started out harmless (yet still annoying) enough, but then a beer can came tumbling out of the stands and landed in front of the ball.

Beckham picked up the can to show the officials and express his displeasure before tossing it aside. Eventually, he took the corner kick, which led to a Landon Donovan goal to give LA the advantage on away goals heading into the second leg.

David Beckham will not be deterred by your beer, Canada.