Tony Pulis trolls Chelsea by suggesting they keep Rafa Benitez for a long time

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Stoke manager Tony Pulis, whose club plays against Chelsea, thinks Chelsea should retain Rafa Benitez as manager because wouldn't that be great for him? Said Pulis, while doing a noble job of holding back uncontrollable laughter (via Sky Sports):

"You have to grind it out and get through it. You have to get results and that is what Rafa will have to do."

Getting results is good. Already losing more matches than his predecessor, Roberto Di Matteo had this season and guiding Chelsea from four points out of first place to 14 out of first in a month and a half? Not so much.

"If he gets results and he gets lucky, then he has a fantastic football club to build."

Yeah guys, wouldn't it be perfect if everything worked out perfect?

"He has proved before at football clubs that he can manage at the highest level."

Like at Inter.

"Given the chance, who is to say he couldn't do it at Chelsea?"

Well, Chelsea fans apparently.

"But he needs the opportunity, and that does not mean weeks or months - you have got to give people time."

Yes, he needs time. Like, just long enough for Stoke to hope over Chelsea in the table.

Pulis has been talking to some other Premier League managers, though. And they also have some advice for Chelsea...

Martin O'Neill: Yes -- oh yes, Chelsea should definitely keep Rafa. They should also buy all of my players except Steven Fletcher for £1 billion.

Mike Phelan: Sir Alex agrees that Rafa needs lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of time at Chelsea. He said he knows that Roman Abramovich doesn't need any financial help, but he'd be happy to pay Benitez's wages to keep him at Chelsea for as long as possible.

Alan Pardew: HAHAHAHAHA Benitez is the one managing Newcastle, right?

Andre Villas-Boas: And Fernando Torres! Don't forget Fernando Torres! Ghghghghghgh this is exactly how I wrote it in my burn book! Exactly!

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