Tom Starke becomes first Bayern Munich player to hit Pep Guardiola in the face

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Bayern Munich second-choice goalkeeper Tom Starke has probably blown whatever chance he had at playing this season by hitting new manager Pep Guardiola in the face at the team's photoshoot. Granted, it was very much an accident as Guardiola was walking towards Starke just as the keeper was looking down and raising his hands for some reason. Starke then took the pained manager into his arms for a consoling hug as if to say, "Please don't sell me to the Mongolian fourth division."

Of course, this could have also been the players' payback for Guardiola kicking Arjen Robben last week. Or Jose Mourinho has hired Starke to blind Guardiola ahead of Chelsea's UEFA Super Cup match against Bayern as Mourinho himself once attempted to do to Tito Vilanova. In fact, that's probably the most likely explanation.

You might not thing this video was even worth a mention, but Jupp Heynckes will be watching it on repeat all season.

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