Tom Huddlestone finally gets his hair cut, looks like a different person

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

To finish the job started by his in-game snip at the weekend, Tom Huddlestone summoned his long forgotten barber to give him his first proper haircut in over two years. Huddlestone vowed not to trim his locks until he broke a personal goal drought that dates back to April 2011 and a being a man of his word, he let his hair grow, hoping to raise money for Cancer Research UK along the way, until finally scoring again in Hull's 6-0 win against Fulham on Saturday.

So with that out of the way, Huddlestone was faced with the truly difficult part: Deciding on a new hairstyle after more than two years of unkempt madness. Huddlestone left the details to his stylist, only requesting "some kind of a mohican" and the result left him looking like a new man. One who hopefully scores a bit more frequently.

Here are the three stages of Huddlestone hair. First, April 2011...

Posing with a fan on December 1...

And finally, the latest incarnation...

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