This is Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall talking about the Manchester derby

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Remember those times in school when your teacher would ask you questions about a book you didn't read? Well that's kind of similar to the interview in the video above. Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall are in England promoting their new movie, so they decided to take in Sunday's Manchester derby at Etihad Stadium. Before the match, the two excited actors were interviewed by the cruelest of touchline reporters, Geoff Shreeves, and it got a bit difficult at times.

Cruise said the match between Manchester United and Man City was the first he's seen in England even though he's been following it "since the '80s." But when pressed for opinions on the pitch and a match prediction it got a little dicey. As for Duvall, who starred in such football(ish) films as A Shot at Glory and Kicking & Screaming, says he's watched every World Cup since Pele was 16 yet he's quick to note that he hasn't gotten into American soccer.

The two got a bit of a reprieve when Shreeves asked about their work (but even that proved difficult as they were unclear on when their new film, Jack Reacher, would be released). Shreeves also asked about Cruise's pal David Beckham, who is apparently quite jealous that he couldn't attend himself. The interview eventually ended with Duvall asking "will there be a shootout today?" Shreeves didn't respond and instead assured them that it would be a great day. And then Rio Ferdinand got hit in the eye with a coin.

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