Tim Howard likes that Americans are angry

Brooks Peck

According to U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard, something good did come out of the Maurice Edu's disallowed winner in the Slovenia game -- it filled Americans with psychotic rage. Says Howard via the AFP:

"People are up in arms. That's pretty cool. For soccer fans that's like a small detail in that game.

"For people, especially our American fans back home, to be so up in arms shows that one, they care, and two, they are starting to learn about how it works."

To have the screeching support and outrage of a nation some still consider to be indifferent to their cause will surely be a morale boost going into their vital final group match against Algeria. And it almost seems as if that support wouldn't be nearly as vocal or universal had the team pulled off that comeback win over Slovenia instead of being done in by a man with a whistle. Would three points against Slovenia have had the Americans stars at Wimbledon talking footy? Would U.S. newspapers devote their front pages and boldest headline fonts to the game if joy was the emotion instead of rage?

So maybe Howard's right. Maybe it was kind of good. In a way. Just so long as it doesn't happen again.

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Photo: Getty Images

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