Three fans sent Neymar a letter that is one kilometer long

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Everyone knows that you haven't truly made it until someone sends you a letter that's more than a half-mile long. And by that perfectly normal standard, Neymar has finally made it.

"Look at the letter I received from three beautiful fans. The letter is 1 km. Thank you for caring," said Neymar on Twitter, providing the image above as evidence of such a ridiculous item.

Because it's all rolled up, we have no way of knowing what the letter says. But judging by the looks of that behemoth, it must be amazing/terrifying/hilarious/even more terrifying. Especially when you realize the whole thing was written in bodily fluids (kidding).

If Neymar hasn't hired an army of personal bodyguards yet, now would probably be a great time to do that.

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