Thomas Muller takes a tumble on failed Germany free kick routine

Brooks Peck
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(BeIN Sports)


(BeIN Sports)

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For the first 90 minutes of Germany's round of 16 match against Algeria, they played like their bodies had been possessed by uncoordinated school children. Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer repeatedly sprinted out of his area as if he kept hearing an ice cream van in the distance and even leading goalscorer Thomas Muller suddenly seemed incapable of putting the ball in the net.

This strange phenomena came to a climax late in regular time when Germany attempted to execute an elaborate free kick routine and Muller fell down on his run-up.

The fall might have been a purposeful attempt to fool Algeria, but it came off so poorly that it also seemed accidental. Needless to say, the free kick didn't work and everyone laughed at the Germans.

But as soon as extra time began with the score still 0-0, whatever magic spell of ineptitude was cast over them instantly wore off and Andre Schurrle scored with a lovely flick in front of goal.

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