Theo Walcott is not scared of anything anymore

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

There was a time when Arsenal's Theo Walcott couldn't brush his teeth without dislocating his shoulder, but now he is a fearless Spartan warrior (who also writes children's books) and it seems to be benefiting his game. He's made 30 Premier League starts for Arsenal this season (his previous high was last seasons' 19) and he says he is now a totally different Theo Walcott. That doesn't mean he's now a Pilates instructor from Australia who also happens to be called Theo Walcott, just that, you know, he feels better.

From ESPN:

"I'm 23 now and I am still growing. I am not afraid of getting hurt," he told Arsenal Player.

"A few years ago I had shoulder injuries, ankle problems and back problems and that was just me learning the other side of the game.

"Now I am just going into games and enjoying myself, not being scared of anything. The manager always tells me not to be afraid going into tackles. I am a totally different Theo Walcott now. We are playing great football and it's nice to be part of that and not on the treatment table."

Nothing can scare Theo now. Not a charging Nigel De Jong or dragon zombies or even those bugs that can crawl in your ear while you sleep and lay eggs that eventually kill you from the inside. He is still afraid of Mario Balotelli, though.

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