The very best pictures from the north London derby

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

A goal from Tomas Rosicky in the second minute was enough to give Arsenal a win over Spurs in the north London derby and keep them in the title race. It was a day of childish shows of frustrated rage from somehow current Spurs manager Tim Sherwood and selfie bandwagoning from Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. These are the very best pictures from the match...

Spurs fans feeling that chairman Daniel Levy selling Gareth Bale for seven magic beans definitely wasn't a good deal.

Wenger: If you touch my wallet, I will not hesitate to mace you.

Olivier Giroud attempts to strangle goal scorer Rosicky out of a strange combination of joy and jealousy.

Tim Sherwood suddenly decides he hates clothing.

 Sherwood becomes the first man to experience 'roid rage without ever taking steroids.

Levy's wife: This is all your fault.

Wojciech Szczesny has an orgasm while flying.

Lukas Podolski proclaims himself king of the stewards.

You don't want to know where Szczesny kept his phone the whole match.

Seriously. Do not ask.

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