The very best flying Robin van Persie photoshops

The very best flying Robin van Persie photoshops

Robin van Persie scored a brilliant goal to begin the Netherlands' comeback and remarkable 5-1 win against Spain and he looked like a flying seal while he did it. After the match, Van Persie said, "Considering the circumstances, it must be the goal of my career." But while he was saying that, everyone else was busy photoshopping him into humorous situations. Here's the best of the bunch...

There were several points during the match when an "Oh my GOD!!!" in Jim Ross voice would have been appropriate.

Someone needs to make this as a playable Flappy Bird ripoff.

This also needs to be Twitter's real logo for the duration of the World Cup.

"Hi, Mr. Redeemer!"

The inevitable, but fitting.

There are many lawyers and agents feverishly working on the Red Bull endorsement deal right now.

Pretty sure that cape was in the live broadcast.

Not exactly photoshop, but it is my favorite.

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