The Ultimate Rage Quit: 19-year-old throws PlayStation out the window after losing in FIFA 14

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Everyone who has ever played FIFA knows The Rage. When you've had a thousand shots on goal but can't score and your opponent does so with only one. It makes you want to throw the console out the window. And that's what one 19-year-old Sheffield student did.

From The Mirror:

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Explaining his actions, Oly told the Mirror: "We had cooked a meal before hand and we had a rule, whoever lost the tournament had to clean up.

"I was all over Lewis for the whole game, I had tons of shots and I was getting madder by the minute so that's why people started recording.

"He only had one shot and he managed to score it so it sparked my rage, I'd had enough!"

Young Oly unplugged the PlayStation 3 and threw it, a controller and, inexplicably, a cardboard box out the window as his friends laughed at him.

The video was originally uploaded last year (you can see the uncensored version here), but Oly confirmed to the paper that he is still upset to this day about how that match played out.

Nine out of 10 anger management therapists agree that Oly's reactions in this situation are all perfectly reasonable. The tenth has never played FIFA.

Video via 101GG

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