World Cup renews interest in stark photo displaying Brazil's inequalities

Dirty Tackle

Click on the photo to see more of the other side of Brazil. (Reuters)
Click on the photo to see more of the other side of Brazil. (Reuters)

Even though the World Cup brings about celebration and excitement for some and highlights the beauty and rich culture of the Brazilian nation, this current tournament has also been showing the misery hidden beneath the beauty and the poverty that comes along with it.

That stark contrast in those two worlds can be seen a picture taken by British writer Michael Calvin, which shows a group of people wearing Brazil jerseys throwing bottles and other rubbish into a trash bin that (unknown to the fans) had somoeone sitting inside it.

Here's the photo:

The picture was taken last June during a Confederation Cup match between Mexico and Brazil but it has again gone viral with the world's attention turned toward Brazil. 

The gap between the rich and poor in Brazil is a big one — that is without question. But just how close are the two worlds actually from each other?

As this heartbreaking picture clearly shows, they are just a bottle toss away.

This blogpost was adapted from a Yahoo Sports Argentina blogpost by Mario Chavez.

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