The most important stats for the second leg of the Bayern Munich-Real Madrid CL semifinal

Brooks Peck
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Knee-jerk reactionists everywhere are heralding the savage murder of possession based football after Real Madrid managed to improve upon their fine performance in the first leg of their Champions League semifinal against Bayern Munich to win 5-0 on aggregate. In doing so, Real Madrid have reached their first Champions League final since winning their ninth European Cup in 2002.

Just like the first leg, Bayern had 64 percent of possession at the Allianz Arena and completed more than twice as many passes, but again they failed to score any goals. Real Madrid, meanwhile, played the best they have all season and scored four times as a result. But instead of putting this result down to Real Madrid's brilliance, it is being used to criticize the tiki-taka philosophy that has brought Pep Guardiola unmatched success over the last five years. So in the interest of telling more of the story, here are several other important stats from the second leg.

-By scoring twice against Bayern, Sergio Ramos now has more goals this season (4) than red cards (3). He will surely try his best to balance that out in the Champions League final.

-Cristiano Ronaldo scored his record 15th and 16th Champions League goals this season, which will likely prompt him to build a new wing onto his Cristiano Ronaldo museum dubbed the "Hall of Records I Have Taken From Lionel Messi Like Candy From A Baby." 

-Jupp Heynckes sarcastically said, "It's a real shame Pep Guardiola won't win the treble for Bayern like I did last season" to the people sitting closest to him 3 times.

-Franck Ribery went unpunished for one slap. It will likely earn him a three-episode arc on a German soap opera, though.

-The best moment of the tie for Bayern came about 10 minutes before the second leg began when their fans created a lovely mosaic before leaving in the middle of the second half.

-Bayern Munich had 0 percent of possession on Real Madrid's corner kicks, which resulted in Real's first two goals. 

-Carlo Ancelotti has now reached the Champions League final four times as a manager. Coincidentally, his left eyebrow is four times stronger than the normal human eyebrow.

-Xabi Alonso will not be able to play in final because of yellow card accumulation. This makes 100 percent of people sad.

-Iker Casillas now plans to make 92 prank calls to Jose Mourinho that mention how Ancelotti has taken Real Madrid farther than Mourinho could in the Champions League. He also plans to inform Mourinho that his refrigerator is running and that he should definitely attempt to catch it.

-Arjen Robben maxed out at 437 jealousy decibels.

-Jerome Boateng consoling David Alaba made 97.3 percent of viewers say "aww."

-7.3 million people have already forgotten that Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga in record time this season and that no one has ever been able to win consecutive Champions League titles. So maybe Guardiola doesn't deserve to be sacked and his tactics set on fire just yet.

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