The animated version of the Suarez bite is as insane as you'd expect

Dirty Tackle

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Tomo News, producers of the most ridiculous "news" videos this side of [insert your preferred hated news outlet here], have done it again with a breakdown of the Luis Suarez biting incident from Tuesday.

There's so much craziness here that it's worth just sitting back and enjoying, but here are our favorite moments:

• Suarez going full Walking Dead and skeletonizing Giorgio Chiellini.

• Suarez' teeth, depicted here as tombstone-sized, and his jaw training, which involves dragging several large aircraft across grass.

• The shark sequence, in which Suarez transforms into the "Finding Nemo" shark and devours a helpless Italian defender as well as an inexplicable swimmer on the pitch.

• And, of course, the mild wrist-slapping from FIFA, which is probably completely factually accurate.

This, friends, is why the Internet was created.

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