Tanzanian referee gets punched in the head

Dirty Tackle

Certain Premier League teams are criticized for haranguing and harassing referees, but this incident from a  Tanzanian match between Young Africans (known as Yanga) and Azim puts things in perspective.

Incensed when a teammate received a red card for verbally abusing the ref, Yanga's Stephano Mwasika let his fists do the talking, landing a hefty punch on the official. Thankfully, a police officer holding a long thin stick jogged onto the pitch to calm everything down and the game was allowed to continue.

Mwasika could receive a ban of up to one year for his antics, but Yanga's chairman has remained defiant and protective of his team. The club is actually attempting to lodge an appeal against the referee's "gross incompetence," claiming "he simply failed to conduct the match in a fair manner."

Video H/T: 101GG