By taking a Champions League spot from Spurs, Chelsea also took Eden Hazard from them

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Last season was a very good one for Tottenham. Finishing fourth was a fine achievement, but even though Chelsea finished two places behind them, they still managed to wreak havoc on Spurs -- the extent to which is still coming out.

Chelsea walloped them 5-1 in the FA Cup semifinal. And by winning the Champions League, Chelsea took Spurs' qualification spot, which led to Harry Redknapp getting sacked and replaced by bearded thinker Andre Villas-Boas. The man Chelsea sacked in order to allow Roberto Di Matteo to lead them to their cup double. And now, Eden Hazard is rubbing even more salt in the wound by telling Spurs that Chelsea's improbable Champions League win also cost them an Eden Hazard.

From PA Sport:

"It's true that Tottenham tempted me because it was a young team which was third in the league," Hazard said in a France Football article.

"Unfortunately, the end of the season did not go well. They did not reach the Champions League, which tipped the balance." [...]

"The title of European champion, and Champions League qualification, counted for a lot because the club was not doing well in the league.

"Once Chelsea won the final, it was a natural choice."

His confusion over where Spurs finished last season aside, saying this now is just cruel. Next we'll learn that Emmanuel Adebayor bet all of his savings on Bayern Munich in the Champions League final, which is why he pushed the limits of Spurs' wage structure when he finally signed a permanent deal.

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