Tajikistani game abandoned as players and fans attack the referee

Dirty Tackle

Tajikistan may not rank highly on the "countries you've heard of" list, but the Central Asian Republic has put itself on the map courtesy of an insane riot in the Tajik League.

Thursday's match between newly promoted FK Istaravshan and Energetik Dushanbe was tied at 1-1 in the 81st minute when furious Energetik players harangued the referee for his decision to award the home team a goal.

The ref issued two red cards — including one for the Energetik keeper, who was a little too energetic in his attempts to kick the official — and chaos duly broke out as players started attacking the poor man in black, and each other.

Soon after, fans at the 20,000-capacity Istaravshan Stadium swelled the brawling masses on the field and the game had to be abandoned.

If Mark Clattenburg feels (rightly or wrongly) persecuted by his recent treatment in the Premier League, perhaps he should give a few matches in Tajikistan a shot.

Video via KCKRS

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