The Taiwanese animation of Ashley Young diving is tremendous

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Ashley Young's diving (or failed rocket-boot experiment to those in the know) has become a big story and while that is something no one wants to see, the fact that it's led to Taiwan's NMAtv to put one of their odd videos about it really makes it all worthwhile. I mean, the first two seconds of the video alone -- with Young running around in a Speedo, swim cap and goggles above the title "Ashley Young is a diving wanker" -- is just a tremendous way to start a YouTube video.

From there, the top highlight is the depiction of Young's naked webcam incident as him sitting nude in front of a computer and literally punching a slab of meat and choking a chicken as a horrified woman watches. Also, showing little Ashley Young as having a poster of Olympic diver Greg Luganis on his wall.  

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