Szczesny learns not to give his number to strangers on Twitter

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

One would think that footballers wouldn't have to resort to picking up ladies through Twitter given how many willing young women are standing right in front of them at any moment, but Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, there were a couple of problems with his plan.

1. He has a girlfriend.

2. The EliteTV (naked channel) presenter he tweeted his number to didn't like that he did this behind said girlfriend's back.

Also, I'm thinking that calling her a "'will be' glamour model" didn't help either.

So, @teshacollins decided to suggest everyone follow Wojciech on Twitter with her Follow Friday tweet that read "#FF @13Szczesny13 or just give him a call, clearly isn't too fussed about giving his number out. Have a good FRIDAYYYY" and provided a screenshot of his private message. When questioned by the onslaught of abusive Arsenal fans as to why she did it, Letesha (who is an Arsenal fan herself) said, "I'm sick of the amount of footballers who do this."

The lesson here? Well it certainly isn't going to stop footballers from cheating on their significant others, but maybe Wojciech will be a little more careful with giving his phone number to strangers.