Sydney FC goalkeeper tells opponent where to place penalty, opponent obliges

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Sydney FC were 3-1 victors in a heated derby against defending A-League Premier Plate holders Western Sydney Wanderers on Saturday, fighting back from a 1-0 deficit in the second half. The turning point of the game came when a penalty was saved by Sydney goalkeeper Vedran Janjetovic after an impressive psyche-out.

When the 51st-minute spot kick was awarded, the Croatian shot stopper made the unusual decision to tell Wanderers striker Mark Bridge exactly where to place it. As you can see in the video above, he points to his left side several times and Janjetovic even claims he told Bridge to shoot towards that side of the goal.

The dare completely rattled the striker, who ended up trying to call his bluff by putting the ball exactly where he was told. The result was a missed opportunity to go 2-0 up and an eventual 3-1 loss.

Janjetovic shouted over the noise of the titanium spheres in his shorts clanging against each other to tell local reporters about his psyche-out:

”I just challenged him to put it to my left,” jubilant Janjetovic said later.

”I went over to the left and I told him 'Bridgey put it on the left'.

"He took me up on that, I stood by and came up with the save.

”I think that the save lifted the boys who immediately put in five or 10 per cent more.

”I believe it may have shifted momentum in our favour.”

Sadly, the incident and the result were overshadowed by claims of racial abuse from Sydney FC’s Ali Abbas, but it will be interesting to see if this bold goalkeeping tactic makes it out of the Antipodes. 

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