Swiss TV station sorry for adding fake crowd noise to Zurich derby highlights

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Fans attending last weekend's derby between FC Zurich and Grasshoppers agreed to enter the stadium 10 minutes after kick-off as a protest against increased security measures. Despite the nearly empty stands at the start of the match, chants from the non-existant crowd during this period could be heard in the highlights aired by Swiss broadcaster SRF. This, obviously, was not possible without the help of some editing room trickery, which SRF has now admitted.

From Reuters:

"In order to make the report as attractive as possible, the chants of the fans were subsequently edited into highlights of the game," SRF said in a statement on Wednesday.

"The decision was taken under great time pressure. It was wrong, we apologize for it. Manipulation of sounds or images is not allowed."

This is the part where you suggest your least favorite team with a quiet ground try this and then smugly chuckle to yourself.

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