Swedish women’s team Kristianstads recreate Baywatch title sequence

Dirty Tackle

In a brief respite from competing in the Swedish Damallsvenskan, women's team Kristianstads DFF have produced their very own Baywatch parody, showcasing their best slow-motion running, Blue Steel pouts and sexy walking away from parked cars (see 1.38).

One of the ladies channeling her inner Yasmin Bleeth on one of Scandinavia's many fine beaches is former USWNT U-23 star Becky Edwards, who is now helping the Swedish side in their quest for a Women's Champions League berth.

Why has Kristianstads produced this video? An attempt to go viral? Because they haven't discovered the Thunder in Paradise title sequence yet? As a means of helping DT out on a slow news day? Who knows. We should just be thankful they didn't do 'Call Me Maybe'.

UPDATE: @coreydesharnais has discovered this isn't Kristianstads' first foray into title sequence pastiche...

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