Swedish footballer rewards club’s one traveling supporter at match

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When Brommapojkarna traveled to Mjallby for their Swedish Allsvenskan match on Sunday, there was just one supporter there to back them in the away section. Though Brommapojkarna lost 4-2, that one fan offered vocal support that was so appreciated by his team that midfielder Bojan Djordjic, formerly of Manchester United, decided to reward him for his efforts.

From Reuters:

"When I saw him, in his shirt, singing and cheering by himself, I decided I had to do something. So I'm going to pay for him to travel to a game of his choice and he'll get to meet the lads," Djordjic told Reuters.

The fan in question, Ander Ung, used to coach one of Brommapojkarna's junior sides, before moving 660 kilometers from Stockholm to Ystad in southern Sweden 20 years ago. He has not been to a home game since.

"You have to lift up people like that," Djordjic said. "I got his number last night and called him from our bus - the warmth and the joy in his voice was unbelievable. He deserves this."

Ung declined Djordjic's offer at first, but the player insisted. Brommapojkarna won promotion to the first division for the third time in the club's history last season.

Earlier this season, Udinese's single traveling fan delighted the world with his presence at their match against Sampdoria, but he didn't get a free trip out of that.

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