Swedish and Danish ultras organized a giant fist fight on a country road

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

A large group of Swedish and Danish football hooligans held a pre-arranged and surprisingly well disciplined fist fight on a quiet country road while cameramen filmed it. Fans of Swedish second-division club GAIS (wearing dark blue) started at one one of the street while the combined forces of FC Copenhagen and Swedish first-division side Helsingborg IF supporters (wearing red) were at the opposite end. The two mobs marched toward each other, shouting and growling, with their wrapped fists as their only weapons.

Once they got within striking distance of each other, the front lines started the brawl with flying kicks that gave way to a unified swarm of meat-headed humanity punching each other. The surreal fight carried on for about a minute or so, with the red combo side steadily pushing the blue lugs back up the road, leaving bodies on the pavement in their wake.

There was a decidedly sporting atmosphere to the whole thing, though. When a man would go down under a hailstorm of fists, his assailants would back off. When it was decided that the blues had enough, the fight ended and according to Danish paper Ekstra Bladet, the two sides thanked each other for a good fight.

Next time Zlatan Ibrahimovic will defeat them all. And he will show no mercy or thanks.

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