Sweden adds new word to dictionary in honor of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's been a year of many honors for Zlatan Ibrahimovic -- a sweater from an American artist, a song from a French rapper and now a new word in his native Sweden. The Swedish Language Council has added the word "zlatanera," a verb that means "to Zlatan" or "to dominate," to the national dictionary in what is easily the greatest ever addition to human language.

From the Daily Mail:

The word was originally coined on Les Guignols, a popular satirical puppet show - similar to Spitting Image - from French station Canal Plus, whose characters are in awe of the PSG striker.

To recognise this, the Swedes have even acknowledged the original French spelling of ‘zlataner’, simply tweaking to create ‘zlatanera’ and officially defined it as ‘from the French: to dominate on and off the field.’

It's worth noting that Zlatan doesn't even speak French (though he is fluent in four other languages). But before he's done with PSG, he will stomp on that language's face until every word is a variation of his name.

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