Swansea ballboy ‘kicked’ by Eden Hazard sells his jacket on eBay

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Online marketplace LAD (ebay.co.uk)
Online marketplace LAD (ebay.co.uk)

Remember when Chelsea's Eden Hazard was sent off in a League Cup semi-final match at Swansea when he tried to kick a ball from underneath a time-wasting ballboy? Remember how that ballboy then became a minor LAD celebrity who gained tens of thousands of Twitter followers overnight?

Now, you have the chance to own a piece of embarrassing sports history, as the jacket that ballboy Charlie Morgan wore on that fateful evening as he rolled around in pretend agony has been put on eBay.

The listing shows Morgan autographing the jacket (!) and posing beside it in a Zinedine Zidane T-shirt. To draw some positive from a shameful incident in League Cup history, all profits from the sale of the coat will go to charity.

A look through the eBay history of the seller listing the jacket on behalf of Morgan shows that he/she has been selling footballs "used in the Championship until 2011." So now we might understand why the youngster was so unwilling to throw the ball back onto the field that night...

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