From suffering on the bench to inspiring a comeback: Leo Messi’s night in pictures

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Still dealing with a hamstring injury suffered during the first leg of Barcelona's Champions League quarterfinal against PSG, Lionel Messi did not start the second leg at the Camp Nou. This proved difficult for both Messi and his team as he squirmed on the bench and PSG took a 3-2 aggregate lead when Javier Pastore scored in the 50th minute.

Would Messi be forced to sit and watch his side be vanquished from the Champions League in just the quarterfinals like some kind of nightmare in which he doesn't exist and ice cream tastes like the backseat of a taxi cab? No. With Barcelona getting desperate, Messi was put on for Cesc Fabregas in the 62nd minute and the team's confidence immediately ballooned. Pedro scored an equalizer in the 71st minute that gave the advantage back to Barcelona on away goals and PSG's elimination was a certainty from there.

""Messi's introduction really helped the team, he gave us strength," said Pedro after the match. Here's a photographic journey through Messi's evening...

"Sitting on the bench is even worse than building an entire Lego prison tower rescue set and then realizing that you're missing one of the flags."

"What do people do with their hands when they're sitting down?"

"Fingernails taste like sadness."

"Go back to Arsenal, Cesc."

"I'm in here. ... Gerard, I'm in here."


"This is just like Jack and the Bean Stalk."

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