Strip poker reportedly led to Spain players getting robbed at Confederations Cup

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

According to a report from Brazilian media giant Globo, several employees at Spain's hotel in Recife confirmed that there was a bit more to the news of players having money stolen from their rooms than was originally revealed. The initial story, as confirmed by FIFA, was that several players, including Gerard Pique, had cash stolen from their rooms while they played their first Confederations Cup group-stage match against Uruguay. Globo's sources, however, claim that this didn't happen until after a party that followed the match.

The hotel employees told Globo that a band was brought in to entertain the players after their 2-1 win, accompanied by a group of women, beer and caipirinhas. The band played until 1 a.m. and then five women joined five players and members of the technical staff for a late-night game of strip poker. Some of the players then retired to their respective rooms with some of the women and when they woke up the next morning, the ladies were gone and so were several thousand euros.

This doesn't sound good for Gerard Pique — the only player named in the orignal report — but before Shakira makes him bleed, it should be noted that he could've merely fallen victim to his teammate's indiscretion. Which would be a very Pique thing to happen.

Images from hotel security cameras are being kept under wraps as they are evidence in the ongoing investigation into the matter. Meanwhile, Spain have moved on to Fortaleza ahead of their semifinal against Italy and the players seem to be occupying themselves with more low-key shirtless activities...

UPDATE: The Spanish football federation has issued a vehement denial of the Brazilian allegations. From their official website:

The Royal Spanish Football Federation denies the facts distributed by a Brazilian media that undermine the good name of the Spanish football team and the reputation and professionalism of his players.

Six of the team players were the subject of a robbery at the team hotel in Recife during the course of the match Spain-Uruguay corresponding to the Confederations Cup. That fact was reported in due course to the Brazilian police.

The complaint does not involve any attacks against the organizing committee nor against FIFA, much less against a country like Brazil, which has hosted the Spanish national team with open arms. Such circumstances could have happened anywhere in the world, including Spain.

Subsequently, have shed a number of aspersions on our players, the RFEF rejects and repudiates entirely, deeply, because they damage the honor of their players and their families and friends.

This fact will not in any way disrupt the Spanish team sports performance, yes awakens the indignation of the Royal Federation because only intended to harm, free and good name of the Spanish team players have shown for many years his good work, professionalism and exemplary.

So. Does the Spanish federation protest too much or is the Brazilian media trying to play mind games with the home side's likely opponent in the final?

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