Striker in Georgian league match misses open goal, rebound hits him in face

Dirty Tackle

For a professional striker, there's nothing worse than the indignity of missing an open goal from a few yards out. Unless, of course, the ball happens to bounce back off the post and hit you in the face before rolling out for a goal kick.

The football equivalent of falling off your bike in front of a bus stop crowded with attractive women and then having your pants yanked down is exactly what happened to Zestafoni forward Boti Demel, whose side was facing Merani Martviloi in Georgia's Umaglesi Liga. (That's Georgia the country, not the state, y'all.)

Fortunately for the Ivorian, his side ended up 2-1 victors, but he'll almost certainly wake up in a cold sweat hearing the hyena-like cackling of those unsympathetic spectators over the next few nights.

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