Street soccer legend disguised as old man wows crowd

Dirty Tackle

In the soccer world’s take on Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew character, street soccer champion Sean Garnier recently disguised himself as an old man and barged his way into a five-a-side pick-up game in Mexico.

In the video, Garnier, who spent five hours getting into makeup, appears to struggle at first, allowing himself to be beaten and dispossessed by several opposing players. Then suddenly the Frenchman, who in his makeup resembles a leaner version of Spain coach Vicente del Bosque, begins to turn on the skills; trapping the ball with ease, nutmegging his opponents, performing rainbow flicks, and other belief-defying dribbles to the crowd's amazement.

The real coup de grace comes when he depants an opposing defender just before lashing in a goal. By that point, even the bewildered players who thought they were just in for a game of pick-up and got more than they bargained for, can’t help but applauding. The stunt was done as a promotion for the Mexican department store chain Coppel.

If you’d like to see more of Sean Garnier, check out this video of him matching skills with Neymar.

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