Stoke fan drives around with ‘Mark Hughes out’ sign before he’s even appointed manager

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

A Stoke supporter named Carl is so against the club's likely appointment of Mark Hughes as their next manager that he attached a "HUGHES OUT!" sign to his vehicle and drove around town on Wednesday. Hughes previously lasted just one season as Fulham manager and less than a year with relegated QPR. Carl, who is preemptively outdoing Chelsea fans' treatment of unwanted interim manager Rafa Benitez, obviously feels Hughes isn't the man to replace Tony Pulis.

From the BBC:

He said: "It is not just me, it is the thoughts of 90% of Stoke fans. Security made me move on from the Britannia so I drove around.

"I parked on motorway bridges and people were beeping their support at me and taking photos.

"He is not a long-term appointment, look at his track record, but it looks as though he is going to be appointed anyway."

So, 90 percent of Stoke fans don't want Hughes, but only Carl decided to drive around all day to express that sentiment. Everyone else must have been too busy doing things to join in.

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