A steward consoles a Celtic fan after Champions League loss to Juventus

After beating mighty Barcelona at Celtic Park in the group stage of the Champions League and advancing to the knockout rounds, Celtic fans were feeling good about their role as giant-killing underdogs. So when Juventus showed up and soundly beat Celtic 3-0 in the first leg of their round of 16 tie, it was a pretty crushing reality check.

When Celtic beat Barca, Rod Stewart cried tears of joy in the stands, but this time the tears of Celtic fans were from disappointment. Though Juventus manager Antonio Conte later described the boisterous atmosphere as "a hell," Juve scored their first goal in just the third minute and added two more late in the second half, making Celtic's chances of a comeback in the second leg rather slim. So after the final whistle blew, several crestfallen supporters were apparently too upset to leave the stands. A steward took it upon himself to console one of those fans who appeared to be having a particularly hard time dealing with the loss and the result was the touching image above.

But before the match, while hopes were still high, Celtic supporters displayed a cool banner inspired by The Clash's London Calling album cover and the fact that the Champions League final this season will be held at Wembley (in London)...

Unfortunately for the Scottish club, London is apparently calling the Italian champions a bit louder at the moment.

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