Stephan El Shaarawy says Ibrahimovic is ‘heavy-handed’ with his teammates

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

We've joked about the relief Milan players must feel now that Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his teammate-kicking ways have moved on to PSG, but Stephan El Shaarawy reveals that it might be more true than first thought.

From Football Italia:

Ibrahimovic took on the teacher role of sorts for El Shaarawy, often spotted shouting at him during games.

"I know, he never wants anyone to make a mistake and at times was a little heavy-handed, but he was doing it to motivate me and keep me fired up. Besides, he did it with everyone, not just me.

"Let's say Ibra was an important presence on the field and in the locker room... Nobody wants to even lose the training games between ranks here, as it's a battle every day."

Yes, Ibra will be missed. And his heavy-handedness (which I assume to include karate kicks, throwing stars and an assortment of fork-based attacks) won't.

El Shaarawy also revealed that the departure of Zlatan means his ridiculous hair might live longer than it would've if Zlatan had stayed.

"Ibra and Cassano threatened to cut it off a few times, but never got scissors in their hands. The girls really like it, so I keep it..."

Ha! Like Zlatan needs scissors to cut a man's hair.

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