El Shaarawy reveals that being Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s teammate similar to caring for a Mogwai

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Now that Zlatan Ibrahimovic has left Milan to score all of PSG's goals, Stephan El Shaarawy has spoken about the delicate care he requires from his teammates. Much like a Mogwai that can't be fed after midnight or get wet, a Zlatan requires certains things in order to keep him from turning into a gremlin.

El Shaarawy has already said that if anyone of his teammates make a mistake, Zlatan would be "heavy-handed" in his response, but there are other rules too. From Football Italia:

"It's difficult  to be appreciated by him, but I felt worse. The secret is to pass him the ball, or he starts to growl. You need to know how to relate to him. Otherwise he plays tricks on you."

Ibra wasn't the only danger in the old Milan dressing room, though. While he and Antonio Cassano used to threaten to cut off El Shaarawy's distinctive hair, Rino Gattuso once took action over his eyebrows.

"When Rino Gattuso noticed I used to shave my eyebrow he started to kick my ass and said 'you only must think to play, you understand?'

"I was asked to cut my hair as soon as I arrived at Milanello. Someone also asked me in the dressing room, but one of my teammates defended me and said, 'ifHamsik, Neymar and Cisse can have it, why can't he' in front of everyone. Then the debate was closed."

It sounds like the loss of Ibrahimovic, Cassano and Gattuso has turned Milan into a much safer place for the other players. At least, until Nigel De Jong arrived...

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