Sport Relief sketch: Frank Lampard and the annoying mascot

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The biennial Sport Relief charity telethon began Friday and Chelsea's Frank Lampard joined his fiance Christine Bleakley and the cast of "Outnumbered" (plus a guest appearance by Howard Webb) in a comedy sketch to support it.

The premise of the sketch is that Lampard is stuck with Karen from "Outnumbered," a mascot for the "big" match against Aston Villa, while Christine has to put up with the men of the family in the stands. Karen annoys Lampard more and more as they wait in the tunnel before the match (she asks if he has a nickname, he claims he doesn't), showing that Frank might have a future as the straight man in a comedy duo.

I won't ruin the ending, but let's just say that the part about Howard Webb, could still happen in real life.

Video via @BluesChronicle