Spanish World Cup player attempts to bribe Homer Simpson

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The Simpsons are now in their 25th season, which means they are only one season behind matching Sir Alex Ferguson's reign at Manchester United — and about 15 seasons behind matching the amount of good seasons that Fergie had.

Springfield's finest have lampooned the beautiful game on a few occasions in their quarter of a century on air, but Sunday evening's new episode specifically focused on the World Cup.

Lisa Simpson labels her father Homer a hero in a school speech because he once refereed a soccer game and punished her for diving. Naturally, this act of reverse nepotism leads to Homer being called up to officiate the World Cup, at the behest of a corrupt non-copyright-infringing "World Football Federation" vice president.

While there, the yellow fellow's virtue is tested by a Neymar-esque character named "El Divo" who prides himself on going to ground and constant requests to take bribes. In the clip above, a Spanish player literally tries to stuff money into Homer's hands to make a red card go away. (Clearly, the Spaniard should have adopted Roma's tactic of shouting at the ref for five minutes until he changes his mind.)

Homer also officiates the opening match of the tournament between Brazil and Luxembourg (of course) and his performance clearly impresses commentator Andrés Cantor:

At the conclusion of the episode, Homer is in charge of the World Cup Final between Brazil and Germany, with a gangster pressing him to throw the game in favor of the Selecao. However, Simpson silences his inner Serie A referee and decides not to take a huge bribe. This results 2-0 win for Die Nationalmannschaft:

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