Spain players had money stolen from their hotel rooms while they played Uruguay

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

While Spain played Uruguay in their first Confederations Cup group-stage match, several players had possessions stolen from their hotel in Recife, Brazil. This is either an example of a hotel lacking security or a new way for FIFA to profit from their tournaments.

From Reuters:

The players affected, including Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, made the discovery after the world and European champions's 2-1 victory over Uruguay on Sunday.

"We know there was a report, a police report and this was being dealt with by the relevant authorities, we have been in touch also with the team," FIFA spokesman Pekka Odriozola told a briefing.

According to Marca, six players had money and other possessions stolen, with some losing up to €1,000. The only suspect at this point is Luis Suarez, even though he was playing against Spain at the time, because he is naturally the first accused in all instances of wrongdoing.

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