Spain’s national police alerted to Real Madrid’s controversial win against Elche

Newly promoted Elche should have had a 1-1 draw against Real Madrid at the Estadio Manuel Martinez Valero, but Pepe's dirty tricks convinced the referee to keep that from happening. In the fourth minute of the three minutes of injury time, Pepe made the most of a Real Madrid corner kick by pulling Elche's Carlos Sanchez down on top of him in the box. To Elche's disbelief, the referee awarded a penalty, which Cristiano Ronaldo converted for his second goal of the night and a lucky win.

Adding to theories that the referee was pulling for Real Madrid is the fact that Elche were shown eight yellow cards over the course of the match to Real's two. So, Twitter users decided to report the occurrence to Spain's national police.

"We have received more than 120 mentions about football in the last 10 minutes," The tweet reads. "Remember, we try to help you about SAFETY... :-)" Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, meanwhile, found humor in the match.

"Watching a comedy film on Canal+ Liga," he wrote. "Always going well at this time of night!"

UPDATE: Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa offered an indirect response to Pique's comment by saying, "Very happy with the 3 points! I'm glad that some change from theater to cinema, that is always good!" Arbeloa is, of course, referencing Barcelona's tendency to engage in theatrical tumbles.