Southampton do their own version of curling in the dressing room

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The Winter Olympics have caused Britain's interest in curling to surge as the women's team already claimed the bronze medal and the men will face Canada in the gold medal game on Friday. As a result of this Olympic curling mania, Southampton's players decided to create their own variation that could be played in the dressing room using a human as the curling stone.

Portuguese defender Jose Fonte shared a video of their creation on Instagram in which Jack Cork rolled across the floor on a little cart while Jay Rodriguez scrubbed the surface in front of him. Apparently the participants can only wear towels while doing this.

With their watching teammates contributing the requisite unintelligible curling shouts, Rodriguez and Cork nearly took out a garbage can on their shot. Still, it should've been good enough for gold in the Southampton dressing room Olympics.

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