South African Premier League warns of possible ban on weaponized vuvuzelas

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

South Africa has finally realized that vuvuzelas are betting suited for use as weapons than for making music and so the country's top-flight league is now considering a ban on the popular noisemaker/beatin' stick. Though vuvuzelas are arguably more violent and harmful when used for their intended purpose, two recent incidents have brought league officials to warn of the end of the vuvuzela.

First, the plastic horns were thrown on the pitch, along with other objects, by disgruntled Orlando Pirates fans. A week later, a pitch invader tried to beat the referee with a vuvuzela during a match between Kaizer Chiefs and Golden Arrows. And now the buzz could be destined to end.

From Reuters:

Premier Soccer League (PSL) officials say that although they are not yet pursuing a ban, it has become a topic of conversation after a rise in incidents where the vuvuzela was used to cause harm.

"Our rules ban all dangerous weapons from matches," PSL general manager Derek Blanckensee told Reuters. "If the vuvuzela is to become a dangerous weapon then we will look into this."

The warning could prove empty since it's probably less dangerous for referees and players to get hit with a vuvuzela than something harder like a fist or, say, a pear. Still, we can dream. We can always dream.

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