Solo, Wambach try to kick ball into moving cab on Letterman show

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

(Skip ahead to 2:48 into the video for the taxi shootout.)

As part of the New York media whirlwind tour by the returning U.S. women's team, striker Abby Wambach and goalkeeper Hope Solo went on "The Late Show with David Letterman" for an interview and a delightful new game. Outside the Ed Sullivan Theater, the two footballers joined Dave to see who could kick a ball into the open door of moving New York City taxicabs.

After telling Dave that, as a keeper, she "doesn't ever shoot," and having Dave respond by asking, "Do you have any kind of a shot?" Solo reacted strongly, saying "Yes, I have a shot!" And she was intent on proving it. The players and the late-night host then took their shots at the same time as each cab drove by.

On the fourth go of blasting balls off the side off a cab, it was the keeper (and not the striker) who hit the target and actually got one inside. Of course, Wambach probably would have hit it on the first try if she was heading the ball instead of kicking it.

"Beat that, Landon Donovan!" Solo said as Dave threw to a commercial break.

Landon, you have officially been challenged to a game of ... whatever you call this game.