Smoking Mario Balotelli safe from Roberto Mancini beating

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Even though Mario Balotelli has said that his manager at both Inter and Manchester City, Roberto Mancini, is like a father to him, the two are not actually related by blood or law. And as it turns out, that's good news for Mario.

When asked about Balotelli being photographed smoking cigarettes on numerous occasions, Mancini defined his boundaries when it comes to kicking people.

From the Independent:

"Yeah, yeah I know this," Mancini said when the player's habit was put to him. "I know that he smokes, yes. If he was my son I would give him a kick up the arse! But he is not my son. I told him that it is better you don't smoke. I am against cigarettes always and for this reason my son doesn't smoke. There are players who smoke in Italy and I think also here. I don't think he smokes a lot — five or six a day."

Well, inhaling one smoking bathroom has to be equal to a few hundred cigarettes, so I think that estimate is off a bit. But if Roberto's actual son is ever caught smoking, I'm sure Mario will appear out of thin air and rescue him from his kicking father before speeding off with Mancini Jr. in his Maserati with cash money billowing out of the tailpipe for strangers to gleefully collect.

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