Slovenians test goalkeeper with balls shot from cannons

Dirty Tackle

This week, a popular YouTube mathematician figured out that a goalkeeper only has around 0.13 seconds to react to a penalty kick. Evidently, this amount of time is dramatically slashed when the ball is being fired out of a cannon.

A group of Slovenians — who may be associated with fourth division side SD Gorišnica — set up a row of football cannons, lighting them with a flaming torch to test the mettle of their goalkeeper.

The first shot is a bit of a damp squib, but the second one has enough explosives in it to make Keith Moon jealous, causing the ball to hit the net with the power of a thousand Zlatans. The third shot might be even harder, but it misses the target. It is probably floating in orbit right now, destined to collide with Sergio Ramos' penalty attempt.

If Johnny Knoxville and Jeremy Clarkson were ever put in charge of organizing goalkeeping practise, it would probably look something like this.

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