Sir Alex Ferugson put on the defensive in interview about his new book

Brooks Peck

After months of warnings that Sir Alex Ferguson's new autobiography could be a final, scorched-earth tome that viciously takes down anyone and everyone who dared challenge him in his 26 years as Manchester United manager, the result proved to be a bit anti-climactic. The book was parsed by the media for delicious morsels of controversy on Tuesday and it was only able to rile former Man United midfielder Roy Keane, which is something a children's cartoon could do in equal measure.

In the absence of Ferguson voluntarily giving up the good stuff, Channel 4's Jon Snow tried to pry it out of him in an interview to support the release of the book. And since Ferguson is now a retiree without the ability to ban journalists from the press room at the biggest club in the land, he was powerless to evade the onslaught.

The tough questions about how much he was holding back, revisionist history between his previous book and this one and falling out with his best players began at the start. On the topic of his perhaps necessary obsession with control, Snow said he sounded "a bit Stalinist," which made Ferguson laugh and shift in his chair.

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About halfway in, when questioned on how he could reconcile his leftist political beliefs with the Glazer family's unabashed capitalism in their takeover of Man United, Ferguson couldn't chuckle his way through any longer and his familiar death stare returned. If there wasn't a camera in the room, Ferguson would've concluded by giving Snow a Glasgow kiss instead of a handshake.

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