Shinji Kagawa unable to play because he ate too much and got his stomach pumped

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Shinji Kagawa was not in Manchester United's squad for their 1-0 loss to Newcastle on Saturday. This wasn't an entirely unusual occurrence, but the reason for his absence was: he ate too much. It remains unclear exactly which delectable foodstuff Kagawa simply could not resist, though. Maybe stuffed crust pizza.

Manager David Moyes told the club's official website:

"Shinji was very sick after the [Everton] game and he did a bit of training on Friday but he was low,” Moyes explained. "All of the stats that we look at were low so we felt we had better not take a risk in case we got an injury by playing him."

Revealing more about Kagawa's health, as well as Fellaini and Smalling, the boss continued: "It was a bad sickness. He thinks he ate too much, and he had to get his stomach pumped, but I think he is okay."

So, Man United's first consecutive home losses since 2002, rumors of Robin van Persie demanding a transfer and Shinji Kagawa unable to play due to eating too much. Everything's coming up Moyes these days, isn't it?

Kagawa was taken out in the 58th minute of Man United's loss to Everton on Wednesday. The Japanese international has struggled to find his form under Moyes. This probably won't help.

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